The Ultimate Electric Meat Grinder Buying Guide

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This guide offers invaluable insights into purchasing the best electric meat grinder for your needs. From understanding the different types of grinders to evaluating motor power and accessories, this guide covers everything you need to know to make an informed decision. Whether you`re a home cook or a professional chef, this guide will help you choose the perfect electric meat grinder for your kitchen.

.5 HP GRINDER (#8)

More and more people are opting for a do-it-yourself, self-sufficient lifestyle that extends to controlling the content and quality of their food. This applies to meat processing as well. For those who want to turn their home-hunted deer or other game into meats like jerky, sausage, and hamburgers, an electric grinder is an indispensable tool.

With a 0.5 horsepower motor, this Big Bite grinder is capable of grinding up to 7 lbs. per minute. It comes with a large stainless steel meat pan, a set of coarse and fine stainless steel grinding plates, three stuffing tubes (1/2", 1", and 1-3/8" OD), and a meat stomper. A reversing feature is also included to prevent jams.

The patented Big Bite technology on this unit gives it the ability to grind bigger cuts of meat more quickly. Its extended auger grabs hefty "bites" of meat and moves them through the grinding head faster than a conventional grinder. This enables the machine to churn out a premium grind in half the time and avoid clogging or bogging down.

To achieve peak performance from your electric meat grinder, it`s crucial to have sharp and properly matched knives and plates. Dull or mismatched components can strain the grinder, lead to jams, and result in mushy meat. Maintaining the meat at a nearly frozen temperature until grinding is essential, ensuring easy cutting of fat and connective tissue. These tips, combined with exclusive savings from Meat Your Maker Coupon Codes, will not only enhance your meat grinding experience but also save you from the frustration and expense of a subpar meat grinder.

SKU: 1117073

Price: $499.99


Product Weight 35 Lbs

Grinder Cutting Plate Size 4.5|10


  • Electric Motor With 0.5 HP
  • Grinds 5.5 Lbs. Per Minute (330 Lbs. Per Hour)
  • Safe Dishwasher
  • Easy to Disassemble and Clean Up.
  • 4-6 Lbs. Every Minute

    • 1.5 HP GRINDER (#32)

      If you`re a dedicated hunter handling 6+ deer, elk, moose, or other game animals per season, a robust grinder is essential. The LEM Products model, featuring 0.75 horsepower, effortlessly grinds up to 11 pounds of meat per minute. With a durable stainless-steel motor housing, knife, and head, it`s perfect for processing various slices of meat for sausage, jerky, and more. Packed with features like a heavy-duty handle, all-metal gears, roller bearings, a built-in circuit breaker for safety, and a sleek brushed steel finish, this grinder is both powerful and attractive on your counter. Make your purchase even more enticing with the Betta Home Living Discount.

      Its large capacity makes it ideal for hunters and people who want to make sausage and jerky from their own game or other meats. Its 304-grade stainless steel cutting blade can easily cut through tough, dense meats. It also includes two nozzles to stuff different kinds of sausages, plus three sizes of grinding plates and a rubber kit to help you perfect your homemade sausage.

      The hopper is easy to clean and can be used as a catchment bin for excess meat or fat. It’s also easy to remove the knife and plates for fast cleaning. A reverse switch helps clear clogs without getting your hands dirty.

      All the meat-touching parts are dishwasher safe, but it’s recommended to soak them in warm water before washing them to loosen up any fat or oils. You can also use a bottle brush to scrub any tough nooks and crannies in the grinder. After cleaning, it’s important to dry the removable parts completely to prevent rust and premature wear. Be sure to dry the base of the machine, too.

      • SKU: 1117074 
      • Price: $699.00


        • Product Weight: 70.5 Lbs
        • Grind Rate (Lbs/Min): 14 - 18
        • Grinder Cutting Plate Size: 4.5|10


      • 1.5 Horsepower Electric Motor
      • Grinds at a Rate of 18 Lbs. Per Minute (1,080 Lbs. Per Hour).
      • The Construction Is Entirely Made of Stainless Steel.
      • Dishwasher Friendly
      • Simple Disassembly for Simple Cleaning

      500 WATT GRINDER (#12)

      A hefty motor and thoughtful accessories make this model our pick for heavy-duty, bulk grinding. It has a lot of the power of a commercial grinder without the hefty footprint and price tag, with the ability to handle up to three pounds of meat per minute. A large hopper and wide meat tube let you prep a lot in one session, while a reverse button helps clear out clogs with no need to get your hands dirty. It comes with both coarse and fine stainless steel plates, along with a sausage stuffer attachment that includes two different sausage tubes (a narrower option for breakfast sausage, plus a larger option for links of bratwurst or Italian sausage).

      The body is made from modernized brushed stainless steel, designed to resist rust damage. A storage box conceals all of the parts when you`re not using them, keeping your countertop clean and organized. The grinder head uses a rifling pattern to push the meat through consistently, and an extender auger lets you fill the head with more than just a handful of chunks. It`s built to last, too: It has a ten-year warranty and a motor that`s permanently lubricated to reduce noise and friction, and it requires a standard 120V electrical connection.

      The price tag for this powerful grinder is quite reasonable, but it`s important to note that additional add-ons may be necessary for the full functionality of the unit. While a bit heavier than other electric grinders, limiting its portability, it remains an excellent choice for those dedicated to home-grounded meals. The machine is ideal for anyone serious about their culinary endeavours, providing a powerful tool that can evolve with changing culinary needs. Unlock extra savings with the Betta Coupon Code.

      • SKU: 1117072 
      • Price: $179.99


      • Product Weight 16 LBS
      • Grinder Cutting Plate Size 4.5|10


      • Electric Motor of 500 Watts
      • Grinds 4 LBS. per minute (240 LBS. per hour).
      • Dishwasher-Safe Grinding Plates and Knife
      • Simple Disassembly for Simple Cleaning


      The 1 HP Dual Grind Grinder features a stainless steel first grinding plate and your choice of coarse or fine grinding secondary plates in the same throat producing perfect protein. This unit also comes with stuffing horns, an accessory tray for easy organization, and a durable carrying handle.

      This grinder is ideal for a hunter who processes multiple deer and other games throughout the year and the home processor who wants to control the ingredients and quality of their meat products. This grinder’s 1 HP motor produces 13 lbs of grind per minute. The Big Bite technology allows the auger to aggressively grab hefty bites of meat and move it through the grinder head quicker than other grinders, delivering you a premium grind in half the time!

      During my test grinding of a pork butt cut into chunks, the grinder chugged through it without missing a beat. I was able to double grind the six-pound pork butt in 84 seconds not including the time it took to switch out the coarse for the fine grinding plate. The machine was extremely quiet during operation and the grinding hole is 3” allowing for large cuts of meat to fit.

      The #122 is a well-rounded grinder at a great price point and will deliver years of service. The oversized auger and 1 HP motor provide more than enough power to tackle any meat processing job. It is a smart investment for anyone who embraces the do-it-yourself and self-sufficient lifestyle while retaining the ability to control the quality of their own meats.

      • SKU: 1193466 
      • Price: $699.99


      • Features:
      • Dishwasher-safe components
      • Storage Tray Dimensions: 9" x 13"
      • Meat Compatibility! Foot Pedal Control
      • Disassembles for Simple Cleaning
      • Handle for Transporting
      • Grind plates in 10 mm coarse and 4.5 mm fine stainless steel are included.
      • Note: The first grinding plate, followed by your choice of the secondary grinding plate (4.5 or 10 MM), is required for proper operation.

      • .75 HP GRINDER (#12)

        Whether you’re a full-time professional processor or just processing a couple of deer a year, this mid-sized meat grinder is designed to meet your needs. The KG-32W and KG-32W-XP commercial meat grinders from Pro-Cut feature a 3HP/3PH electric motor and are ideal for those who have limited space or only need to grind small quantities of meat. Both feature all steel gears operating in a sealed oil bath gearbox for quiet, smooth and long-life operation. They also include large heavy gauge stainless steel trays and have guard-protected, wide feed throats.

        Alternatively, the Thunderbird 300E stainless commercial meat grinder offers a 5HP/1PH electric motor on a floor stand and is a popular choice for sportsmen who demand quality and performance at a great price. The Thunderbird is UL and NSF-certified and features stainless steel headstocks, plates, knives, augers and trays for years of trouble-free service.

        The LEM Big Bite Grinder is a powerful 0.75 HP grinder that grinds up to 11 lbs per minute and is the perfect middle ground between our smaller #5 and larger #8 commercial meat grinders. It has an extended auger that aggressively grabs hefty "bites" of meat from the sturdy pan and churns them through the large-diameter throat and rifled head for quick field-to-table convenience.

        These commercial meat grinders are manufactured in the United States and are backed by MEAT! Your Maker’s industry-leading LIFETIME WARRANTY*. Shipping on these items will usually take place via UPS ground in 3-5 business days or truck in 7-10 business days for larger items.

        • SKU: 1159178 
        • Price: $549.99


        • Product Weight: 47 LBS


        • Dishwasher-safe components
        • 2 Grinding Plates/Stuffing Horns are included
        • Storage Tray Dimensions: 9" x 13"
        • It is compatible with meat! Foot Pedal Control
        • Disassembles for Simple Cleaning
        • Handle for Transporting
        • Rubber Non-Slip Feet


        Purchasing an electric meat grinder can be a great investment for those who regularly prepare meat at home. When selecting a grinder, consider the size and power, as well as additional features such as accessories and ease of cleaning. It`s important to choose a grinder that fits your needs and budget and to prioritize safety when operating the machine. With this guide in mind, you can confidently choose the best electric meat grinder for your kitchen.