The 5 Most Comfortable Loop Earplugs for Extended Listening

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Earplugs are great for anyone dealing with sleep issues, anxiety, or noise sensitivity. They can also help you enjoy live music with crisp (but reduced) audio.

Unlike most plugs that look like some kind of NASA test tube, Loop’s designs are sleek and stylish. They’re comfortable to wear and easy to clean should waxy build-up accumulate.


Loop Quiet

Aside from being one of the most comfortable earplugs for sleep and focus, Loop Quiet is also the most stylish and discreet. The company’s reusable earplugs are available in black and bold colorways that look infinitely sleeker than a tuft of neon foam sticking out of your ears. Moreover, they preserve the fidelity of environmental sounds surprisingly well — better than many other earplugs I’ve tried that reduce volume but end up sounding muffled.

This design was born out of the fact that many of Loop’s most satisfied customers use their earplugs to deal with sensory overload or manage noise sensitivity. They’ve reported that the earplugs help to limit overstimulation in daily settings without taking away from their ability to concentrate and interact with others. They’ve even been used to calm anxiety, aid focus, and assist with social situations like concerts or bars.

With its acoustic channel capped by a mesh filter, the Quiet earplugs offer up to 26.2 decibels of reduction in ambient noise. They’re suited for travelers, people who need to focus on work, or those with noise sensitivity. For more intense settings, the company offers their newer earplugs, Loop Experience and Engage, which are designed for music lovers. Both earplugs come with add-ons like Loop Mute that can boost the earplugs’ effectiveness by 5 decibels.

Despite their low price, the Quiet earplugs are my favorite pair to wear at events where I can’t turn up the volume on a stage or a party. They’re especially great for silencing the crowds at dance clubs, fitness classes, sporting events, parades, restaurants, and movie theaters. Several Bennetts Rewards staffers also rely on them to enjoy concerts or to manage their noise sensitivity while at work or school.


Loop Earplugs

Loop Earplugs make a great pair of earplugs for protecting your hearing at concerts, or just to help you focus at work. They are noise-reducing and not noise-cancelling, so you can still hear everything but at a lower volume. They are comfortable to wear and fit easily in the ear. They come with foam ear tips in four sizes so you can find the best fit.

Loop’s earplugs feature an acoustic channel that imitates the function of your ear canal with a mesh filter on the end that reduces sound by 20 decibels evenly across frequencies. Even when worn for extended periods, they are comfortable.

 They can be worn with or without a helmet for biking, or any other activity that might put pressure on the ears or cause discomfort. They are also a good choice to help you sleep better at night by blocking out the city noise, snoring partners, or anything else that might keep you awake.

Whether you’re at a concert or work, you’ll be able to focus better with these earplugs that are comfortable to wear and easy to use. They are a bit pricier than the others but are well worth the investment if you want to protect your hearing and not risk long-term damage from loud sounds.

They look more like Klingon jewelry than your average earplugs and have an aesthetic that makes them less obvious than other bright orange options that stick out of your ears. They’re a cinch to insert and stay in place, no matter how vigorously you might dance, mosh, or otherwise thrash around. They have a small design flaw in that they don’t sit quite as deep in the ear as some other plugs do.


Loop Experience

Loop earplugs have a more discreet appearance than bright orange pieces of foam sticking out of your ears, and they`re a lot easier to remove without requiring tweezers. Their eponymous loop sits on the outside of your ear and holds them snug between your antitragus and concha, where they feel comfortable even when you`re moving around a lot or wearing a helmet. The earplugs are also very durable, and their design makes them resistant to drops and other wear and tear.

I tested them while riding a motorcycle, and they were able to handle being jostled without letting any sound in. The sound quality they provide is decent, and I found that they reduced noise enough to make me feel safe in a crowd. They don`t muffle voices like earplugs, and I could easily hear my girlfriend when she was talking to me. The earplugs are comfortable and easy to use, and they have a nice look with their color options.

The Quiet and Experience sets both come with silicone ear tips in four sizes to ensure a good fit. The more expensive Experience Plus adds thermo-shaping memory foam to the ear tips for an enhanced fit and acoustic seal. Loop offers a range of options to suit different needs, including their "Mute" add-on that boosts the earplug`s noise reduction by 5 dB.

I recommend the Quiet and Experience Loop earplugs for anyone who wants to enjoy concerts, F1 races, or other loud events but doesn`t want to deal with tinnitus or hearing damage. They have a low profile and are easy to remove, making them perfect for kids with sensory overload and anyone who struggles with focus or hearing sensitivity.


Loop Experience Plus

Even better than the earplugs we reviewed for general use, Loop Experience Plus offers more sound protection while still being comfortable enough to wear all day. The earplugs sit well recessed into the ear canal, with an acoustic channel that’s capped by a hard plastic ring. A mesh filter and a second inner mute ring deliver up to 18 dB of noise reduction—more than enough to keep most people safe from the type of decibel levels that may result in irreversible hearing loss.

Like the earplugs we tested for general use, Loops also preserves the fidelity of environmental sounds, which is great for users who have sensory sensitivity or focus issues and need to hear their environment, but not so much that they’re overwhelmed by it. They’re an ideal choice for anyone who needs help focusing on work, socializing, or even settling down to sleep in noisy environments.

Though no universal-fit earplugs can reduce different frequencies of noise evenly, we found that the Loop Experience and its mute add-on were among the most comfortable and user-friendly options to try. Several Wirecutter staffers regularly use them to lower decibel levels during concerts, dance clubs, sports games and parades, and other louder events. Others say they’re a lifesaver when it comes to reducing distractions in open-plan offices and noisy coffee shops, and for helping them get the restful night’s sleep that they deserve.

The earplugs fit in a small carry case that’s perfect for slipping into your pocket or tucking into your fanny pack, and a neck cord keeps them secure when you’re on the move. You can also purchase additional tips and mutes in discreet and vibrant colors to personalize your look or for a change in attenuation.


Loop Quiet Plus

The Quiet model is a great fit for those who want significant sound reduction that does not affect the quality of the music or voices. The fit is surprisingly comfortable, and while I did notice some minor pressure when I was wearing them, they did not feel painful at all. They are also quite easy to clean. This is a plus for those who are concerned with hygiene and need to frequently clean their earplugs or use them for extended periods.

Loop’s patented design preserves the fidelity of environmental sounds, unlike many foam earplugs, which muffle the sound quality. This is especially important for those who work in noisy environments or enjoy live music. However, if you are looking to reduce high-pitched noises like crickets or snoring, wax might be a better option since it is more effective at reducing those frequencies.

All three sets of earplugs from Loop are designed to help protect against harmful sound levels, which can lead to hearing damage over time if exposed for long periods. Many staffers regularly rely on their earplugs to lower decibel levels at concerts, dance clubs, fitness classes, public transit, parades, restaurants, and movie theaters. Some also use them to help increase focus and lessen anxiety in loud situations or manage sensory overload.


With three earplug models and an add-on that allows you to boost their effectiveness, the Loop lineup is a stylish, versatile option for anyone who needs regular hearing protection. I highly recommend checking out their website to learn more about the different options and find out which pair is right for you. Then, start protecting your hearing and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are on your way to a lifetime of good health! If you decide to make a purchase, consider using Loop Earplugs Discounts to potentially save on your order, making it an even more appealing investment in your hearing protection.


Are Loop Earplugs Comfortable to Sleep In?

When you use earplugs to sleep, they can help block out distracting noise and allow you to hear the sounds of your environment more clearly. Whether you have a noisy home or a busy office, earplugs can give you the peace of mind to fall asleep and get the rest you need.

Earplugs are also helpful for protecting your hearing from damage from loud music and other noise. Exposure to noises at 80 dB or higher for extended periods can cause permanent hearing loss. Earplugs can protect your ears from these potentially dangerous sounds, keeping you safe while enjoying your favorite music and helping you focus.

Loop earplugs are soft and flexible, making them comfortable for sleep and other activities. They’re easy to insert, too—just pull back a bit on your ear lobe, then place and rotate the plug tip until it sits comfortably in your canal and forms a seal. The insertion process is quick and painless, especially when compared to other earplugs that require the assistance of tweezers or your fingers.

The acoustic resonator in Loop Experience earplugs mimics how your ears work, allowing natural sound to come through but at a safer volume. For additional protection, the attached filter reduces volume by 18dB (or 23dB with Loop Mute) to keep you safe from potentially damaging levels of noise.


Will Loop Earplugs Block Out Snoring?

Snoring can be a real nuisance, especially when you share a bed with someone else. Loop earplugs are designed to provide a peaceful night`s sleep by blocking out snoring and other ambient noise. Made from soft silicone, they`re flexible enough to adapt to your ear canal and nestle comfortably inside. They also don`t stick out, so you can sleep easily on either side and stay comfortable all night long.

The earplugs` unique shape, known as a torus, is what sets them apart from standard foam models. They`re shaped like a donut with a flat base, and they`re meant to fit snugly into the ear canal. You can adjust their fit by using the included silicon and foam ear tips in different sizes. They`re easy to clean and can be replaced periodically for hygienic reasons.

These earplugs are great for protecting your hearing while engaging in activities that can be harmful to your ears, such as loud concerts or motorcycling. They`re also a great option for people with sensory overload issues, as they help to reduce the intensity of sounds so that you can focus better and feel less overwhelmed. Each pair comes with a handy keychain-style case that`s easy to carry around.


Are Loop Earplugs Better Than Foam?

Ear plugs that are comfortable to sleep in should strike a balance between reducing noise and isolating you. This means that they should allow some sounds, such as alarms or babies’ cries, to come through so you can react quickly if needed. The Loop Experience earplugs do just that, providing a good level of noise reduction while still allowing you to hear the important stuff.

The earplugs are made from soft, fully moldable silicone that contours to your ear canal and helps create an airtight seal. They’re comfortable to wear for hours at a time and don’t cause irritation, even if you sleep on your side. They also have a beautiful matte black finish that gives them a sleek, stylish look.

The earplugs come with four different sizes of silicone tips so you can find the perfect fit for your ears. They also feature a unique acoustic channel that filters out noise while maintaining the fidelity of environmental sounds. They’re a great option for those who want to limit that head-underwater feeling, and they’ve been highly praised by users with noise sensitivity who say they help them cope with sensory overload issues like autism, misophonia, or ADHD.

Can You Still Hear With Loop Quiet?

Although no ear plug reduces different sounds as evenly as custom earplugs, Loop Quiet offers a good compromise. It has a filter that reduces volume by 18 to 27 decibels (the amount needed to protect hearing), but it also allows natural sounds like conversation and music to pass through. This gives users a sense of sound clarity similar to what they`d experience without earplugs, a trait that helps many who wear them feel less isolated in everyday situations like spin classes or loud bars. Some staff members even use them to increase focus and calm in stressful situations like public transit or crowded restaurants.

Its hidden feature accounts for the occlusion that occurs when you put in earplugs, which often muffles speech and reduces sound quality. It has a hollow acoustic channel built into the "loop" portion that serves as a resonant chamber and enhances sound quality by lowering reverberation.

Loop earplugs are comfortable to wear for extended periods and have a low profile that doesn`t rub the ear canal. They`re also small enough to fit into a washbag or electronics pouch for easy travel. Plus, the reusable silicone material is hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Each pair of earplugs comes with four sets of silicone and foam tips in different sizes for customization and to help you achieve a good fit.


How Long Can You Wear Loop Earplugs?

Many people wear earplugs to protect their hearing, but they can also be useful for other purposes, including focus and sensory management. Exposure to sounds above 80 dB for long periods can cause permanent hearing damage, so it’s important to use a pair of earplugs that will keep your ears safe. Loop Experience earplugs use a patented acoustic channel and mesh to filter sound waves rather than muffle them, keeping your music or conversation crisp and clear – but at a safer volume. They reduce the level of noise by 18 decibels (or 23 dB when used with the Loop Mute accessory) and are available in a variety of colors to suit your style.

Wirecutter senior staff writers Lauren Dragan and Brent Butterworth found that the Loop Experience earplugs reliably reduced the volume to a safe level during concerts while maintaining the quality of the music. They’re comfortable to wear and come in a range of stylish color options, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a fashionable and functional pair of universal-fit earplugs. Their torus shape, or doughnut-like structure, offers a unique look that’s both discreet and stylish. The rounded end sits well in the ear canal and is easy to maneuver to achieve a good fit. If you`re considering purchasing these earplugs, check for an Accessories Coupon Code before completing your order to potentially enjoy savings on your stylish and protective investment.


Which Loop Earplugs Are Best for Airplane Travel?

Earplugs can be a lifesaver on airplanes (for drowning out engine noise) and in noisy accommodations (for dampening snoring or other roommates). But they also often conjure images of ugly, bulky plastic or foam-based plugs that stick out of your ears like a pair of Christmas ornaments. Belgian startup Loop Earplugs wants to buck that stereotype with a range of stylish, universal-fit earplugs that are made from soft silicone and available in vibrant colors.

A resonant chamber built into the "loop" portion of each earplug accounts for how sound quality changes when the ear canal is occluded. The result is a more natural occluded sound quality and an improved ability to hear speech or music.

Both Quiet and Experience sets come with silicone tips in four sizes to ensure a secure fit, while Experience Plus adds four more sizes of thermo-shaping memory foam for even better fit and comfort. The reusable earplugs are also easy to clean and designed to resist earwax buildup.

While they don`t offer the same level of noise reduction as some competing earplugs, the company`s focus on aesthetic design and ease of use makes them an excellent option for frequent flyers. And with the free EarPlanes+ app that monitors cabin pressure and sends notifications when the earplugs are needed, they`re a great option for anyone who struggles to sleep on planes.


The Most Comfortable Earplugs for Side Sleepers

If you`re a side sleeper, you know that finding comfortable earplugs can be challenging. Luckily, these reusable loop earplugs are comfy enough to wear all night and stay in place even as you toss and turn (and inevitably, search your sheets for a rogue plug in the morning). Made with soft silicone, they bend as you move so you don`t feel like you`re stuck in a vise-like ear canal.

These reusable earplugs come in two variations, Quiet and Experience, so you can choose how much sound you want to reduce. Both sets of earplugs include a variety of silicon tips in four sizes to ensure a comfortable fit, and they`re easy to clean. Quiet earplugs block out most noise while experienced earplugs reduce less sound and allow you to hear conversations around you.

Seeing your favorite band or artist perform live is one of the best experiences you can have, but it`s important to protect your ears during concerts with good-quality earplugs. Without them, you`re at risk of hearing loss and tinnitus in the short term and ear pain and damage in the long run. These earplugs are designed specifically for concerts and work well to lower the decibel levels so you can still enjoy your show while staying safe.



There are several comfortable loop earplugs available in the market that can help you listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks without causing fatigue or discomfort. We have discussed five such earplugs in this article that offer excellent noise isolation, comfort, and durability. These earplugs are designed to fit snugly in your ears and stay in place, even during extended listening sessions. By choosing one of these earplugs, you can enjoy your audio content without worrying about hurting your ears or missing out on important details.